Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Breast Pump

pumping breast milkSo I’d like to share a little story about wasting hundreds of dollars on a breast pump. As many of you know during my first pregnancy I had a lot of issues pumping and never thought I was getting enough milk. Low and behold after trying a friends breast pump I found out that I was just using a faulty or weak pump.

This was my second pump and I never bothered to read any breast pump reviews because I had a small budget at the time and didn’t think I need to spend hundreds of dollars on a device I didn’t think was necessary. I’d say this from experience, having a quality breast pump can save you hundreds of dollars a year because you’re not buying any or much infant formula. For a good pump expect to spend around $250-$500 for one. Double check with your insurance provider and see if they’ll cover the cost of one

So without further ado, here’s some of the features I’d look for in the best breast pumps:

  • Is it easily portable? make sure you can wash and transport your breast pump with ease. Is it battery powered for on the go like for use in a car?
  • Built in bottle holders
  • Double pump – make sure you skip buying a single pump. I’ve found this too time consuming to switch from breast to breast.
  • Warranty? What kind of warranty and support does the pump maker provide.

Some of the most popular brands include: Medela, Phillips, Evenflow and Dr. Brown. These companies have been in business for years and years so you can pretty much bet they’ll provide great products. Whatever breast pump you choose, know that a quality pump will costs a good amount of money but this is an investment in you and your child.